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List of Top 2020 Las Vegas Sportsbooks

So coming to Las Vegas for some sports related fun? Well, if the answer is yes, you have to go through some sports books information to get an insight into the ones that are in the city.

Many people visit Las Vegas to witness their all time favorite teams compete with their rivals or some special sports event being held in the city. For the convenience of such enthusiastic people, it is important to know that not all the sports books are the same. There is a variety out there with each of it focusing on different aspects of sports. Here, we bring to you some of the most popular ones that are there when talking about sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

1. LVH Superbook – One of the most respected and ancient properties in the city of Las Vegas, is the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. It was initially known as the Las Vegas Hilton and has set a good standard when it comes to sports book, which can be one of the reasons why is it called a ‘Superbook’.

2. Aria Sportsbook – This sports book will make you feel like a king. Watching the game in a spacious living room on the best available televisions, isn’t that fun? Well, this is what you will experience here. The Aria Sportsbook is designed in such a manner that it creates a comfortable environment for the visitors. It is an amazing setting to enjoy your favorite game and you will definitely love the entire sports book experience.

3. MGM Grand Sportsbook – This place is the place which will satisfy all your betting needs. People who visit this sports book once claim that there is no good enough reason to leave the place and visit some other sports books. So, any person who is into sports betting will never find a place better than this one.

4. Bellagio Sportsbook – Bellagio has always made great efforts to be the best when it comes to casinos and hotels. They want to be the best when talking about sports books. It is a great place for the masses to entertain themselves and many people just adore the place.

5. Mandalay Bay Sportsbook – The name symbolizes quality gaming experience and high rolling atmosphere. It is a place quite often visited by the people that want to relive the excitement and luxury of the old times. There has been a transformation since the time it was established but many people still visit the place to see the casino here.

6. Wynn Sportsbooks – It is also known as ‘Boutique Hotel’ and it invites all the players. It is quite small when compared to the other huge sports books in the city of Vegas but it is still quite popular due to its excellent services to the customers who visit here.

7. Caesars Sportsbooks – This is an old and legendary place which has been a strong player since years. It has high-end casinos and luxurious resorts. They have done some great work at the Caesars Sportsbooks. Playing at this place is a dream of many of the visitors to the Sin City and a place worth watching for the people who enjoy betting experience.


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