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Nevada Sports Betting Sites 2020

While most people are aware that Nevada is home to some of the largest casinos on the planet, you might not realize it’s also home to some of the best sports betting action on the planet. Whether you’re looking to bet on local teams, major US sports, smaller sports, or even international contests, Nevada betting sites are ready to take your real money action. Below, you’ll see a list of the current top Nevada sports betting sites you can bet with today.

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4 Reasons We Love These Nevada Sports Betting Sites

Rising to the top of the list of NV betting sites is not easy, especially in the state that’s home to Las Vegas. Thankfully, our team of experts has compiled a list of the top of the heap. But how exactly did we reach these conclusions? Here are four of the main reasons we’re confident these are your best options.

No Limits to What You Can Bet On

Golden Knights Alt Logo

Whether you’re betting on the Golden Knights or wagering on an obscure soccer team in South America, these NV betting sites will offer you the action you’re looking for. Just because these online sportsbooks are located in Nevada or cater to NV residents does not mean they don’t offer extensive action on sports around the globe.

Fast Payouts

Whether you’re looking to cash out your winnings or move your money to a different online sportsbook with a better line, you’re going to want access to your money quickly. You won’t find us recommending a sports betting site unless we can confirm they pay out fast. In this day and age, there are zero reasons to be waiting very long for your funds.

English Customer Service 24/7

We can’t stand when online sportsbooks farm out their customer service to the lowest bidder. When you want help with a bet, promotion, cashout, or whatever your needs, you want to be able to talk to someone who understands you and is equipped to help. No Nevada online betting sites make our list without confidently checking this box.

A Track Record of Trust

Just because a betting site claims to be trustworthy and to have your best interests at heart does not mean it’s actually the case. All of the sports betting sites in Nevada we recommend have demonstrated a strong track record of trust, safety, responsibility, and treating customers the right way.

What Sports Can I Bet on at NV Betting Sites?

Nevada sports betting sites are notorious for being the most inclusive in the entire US. Why? Well, the state is home to many professional bettors who want the most flexibility in what they can wager on. Sites know that if they don’t cater to these bigger bettors, they will lose their business.

This means, for recreational bettors, there is a multitude of great options to choose from on sports all around the globe. From major sports like American football, basketball, and baseball, to handball, tennis, and cricket, these websites are sure to offer you more than their land-based counterparts.

Real Money Sports Betting in Nevada

When it comes to betting in Nevada, you have three options that each come with their own pros and cons—brick and mortar sportsbooks, online sites sponsored by brick and mortar casinos, and online-only betting sites.

Online Sports Betting Site vs Land-Based Sportsbook

Brick and mortar sportsbooks in Nevada are great for bettors who want the full experience of the loud and wild sportsbook. The drawbacks, though, are that you need to go back to the establishment to cash your tickets. You’ll probably have to wait in line during busy times, and you’re severely limited with line tracking and shopping.

Nevada sports betting sites sponsored by brick and mortar casinos do offer a lot more flexibility when it comes to line shopping and tracking, as you’ll have an app you can use 24/7. The major drawback, though, is that you can only use these apps and make bets from within the state. Once you step anywhere close to the state line, your app will cease to work.

The most flexible Nevada sports betting sites are those that are online only. While you won’t be able to make a deposit in person, they have plenty of easy-to-use and trusted online banking partners to help facilitate the transfers.

The biggest perk, though, is that most of these sites work even if you’re not in the state of NV. If you live in neighboring California, Arizona, or Nevada, or anywhere else in the world, you won’t get cut off from making bets. Additionally, if you travel at all, you won’t need to sign up for several accounts just to make a few bets.

How Do I Get Paid My Sports Betting Winnings in Nevada?

Banking at Nevada sports betting sites is quick, efficient, and seamlessly integrated. For those using betting sites backed by brick and mortar casinos, you’ll be able to make real money deposits at the casino or through one of their online options (usually debit card, credit card, or direct bank transfer).

Those using online-only NV betting sites won’t be able to make deposits or withdrawals in person but will have a much wider array of online options to choose from. You’ll have the same options as with the casino-sponsored sites as well as additional modern options. Options you may see include:

Payment Options

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal
  • Other e-wallets
  • Bitcoin
  • Other cryptocurrencies
  • Online checks
  • Checks by courier
  • Western Union
  • Other money management services

Typically, deposits will be made available to you instantly regardless of the deposit method you choose. Withdrawals will take between a few hours up to a few days to hit your account, depending on the withdrawal method you choose. The only exception to this is checks by courier which can take up to 10 to 14 business days depending on the provider the betting sites use. Unless you have a specific reason for using this method, we recommend utilizing one of the quicker options.

Start Online Sports Betting for Real Money in Nevada

Making your first real money sports bet in Nevada is just minutes away. Here’s how to get started now.

  1. Pick out one of the Nevada sports betting sites we’ve recommended.
  2. Create an account and make your first real money deposit.
  3. Decide on a bet you’d like to make and submit it.
  4. Sit back, enjoy your game, and hope to win!

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