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New Dotty’s casino and sportsbook under construction in Nevada


Dotty’s casino and sportsbook is under construction in the community of Jackpot, Nevada.

A fire earlier in the year put the Jackpot community in the position of all but losing the structure of one of its casinos entirely.

“We’re actually looking it to grow and eventually become a town our self one day,” said Jackpot Public Works Superintendent Shawn Burt. “Because we’re unincorporated right now, and this is a big boost in the arm towards bringing more businesses and more residents into Jackpot.”

The community is excited to have new businesses of any type, as it will open more doors to have others interested in visiting the town. For community residents, they all seem to agree it’s a plus.

“I think it’s actually really awesome,” said resident Lora Norman, as reported by KMVT/KSVT. “I think it’s going to bring in more business and hopefully more people to move down here, which means we’ll get more housing for people.”

“I heard that they were going to build the one out by the Four Jacks, but that didn’t pan out very well,” said resident Phillip Brooks. “So I’m thinking the Dotty’s will help out real well and help the community grow.”

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