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Reno Sportsbook Reviews from Biggest Little Weekend

Nevada is the only state in the US that legally takes sports bets, and there is big money floating around here. Look for excellent lines, lots of TVs, a comfy environment, and fast, knowledgeable ticket writers.

Peppermill Reno Sportsbook (A)

The Peppermill sportsbook is the best in the region. They’ll take half-points, have good lines, good parlay/teaser cards, and the ticket writers are very fast. We’ve even seen eight ticket writers on a Sunday morning. There’s lots of big TVs, and the chairs are comfortable. However, there are two big posts that can block the view depending on where you’re sitting and what TV you want to watch. Peppermill sets their own lines.

Atlantis Reno Sportsbook (B)

The Atlantis remodeled their sportsbook in 2008, and its the newest book in Reno. The Atlantis sets their own lines, has excellent writers, but they can get crowded at times. Its a very comfortable place to watch a game, but not where you want to be when you are in a hurry to get a bet placed. There’s plenty of big TVs around, a wide selection of lines, they accept half-points, teasers, parleys, futures.

Grand Sierra Reno Sportsbook (B-)

The GSR sportsbook is HUGE. Its as big as an auditorium, with huge projection TVs way up on the wall. The ticket writers can be sloppy, so be sure to read your ticket the moment he hands it to you. Also, on a busy day, the lines can get a little long. The lines are set by Lucky’s Sportsbook out of Vegas. Its a great place to go watch a game you’ve got a big line on (Probably one of the best places to watch in Reno, give it an A- for viewing!). They’ll mostly take half-points, but sometimes they won’t.

Nugget Reno Sportsbook (B-)

The sportsbook at the Nugget is large and well laid out. There’s a handful of TVs, including several large-screen projects. However, there are two columns that can block your view. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Leroy’s also sets the lines here, too. More information about the Nugget Sportsbook.

Baldini’s Reno Sportsbook (C+)

The Baldini’s sportsbook has plenty of TVs and a large bar. Lines are managed by the CalNeva.

Boomtown Reno Sportsbook (C+)

There’s a small Cal-Neva run sportsbook here at Boomtown. They’ll have good lines because of that, its clean, medium-ish sized. There’s a handful of TVs. We wouldn’t drive all the way out there to place a bet, but its convenient when you’re already there.

Bonanza Reno Sportsbook (C+)

There is a small sportsbook window run by the Club Cal Neva. A fine place to run in and make a bet, but there were no games showing, and no seating.

Cal Neva Reno Sportsbook (C)

The Club Cal Neva sets the lines and runs a large number of the sportsbooks in the Reno gaming area. They have very competitive and strong lines in the area, it really is the best bet. The service at the Club Cal Neva falls way short of the quality of their lines. Its not where you want to be on Sunday morning, but you’ll find yourself for the lines anyways. Plenty of TVs to watch, but its not the high-class place to hang out. Awesome for lines, forgettable for service and atmosphere. More information about the Cal Neva Sportsbook.

Circus Circus Reno Sportsbook (C)

Circus sets their lines from the MGM Mirage, their parent company. They claim to take $50,000 bets, which would make them the highest in Reno. Its a small, dedicated room, and most of the TVs are set to horse racing. They do not take half-points. It is an older room, and their lines are written on white-boards rather than electronic screens or TV screens.

Silver Legacy Reno Sportsbook (C)

The Silver Legacy has an MGM Mirage sportsbook, and has fair lines. They don’t offer half-points, the staff is friendly and the book is comfortable. Its smaller and cozy.

Tamarack Reno Sportsbook (C)

The Sportsbook at the Tamarack is run by CalNeva, so you’ll find good lines here. There’s plenty of TVs with all the lines on them, but the only place to sit and watch a game is across the way in Sully’s Sports Bar. If you just need to run in and make a quick bet, drive around back and use a rear entrance and you’ll be right next to the book. It’ll make sense the second time you’re there.

Sands Reno Sportsbook (C-)

There is a small sportsbook window on the main casino floor. The lines are set and run by the Cal Neva. If you’re at the Sands, its a place to make a bet. The sportsbook shares the same area as the Pipeline Lounge, and there are a bunch of TVs up and behind the bar.

Harrah’s Reno Sportsbook (C-)

The sportsbook keeps moving in Harrah’s, but is always easy to find. The lines are not the strongest in town, and are often difficult to find half-points, and isn’t the place to buy futures. The staff is friendly, but not terribly fast. Its a small book that doesn’t accommodate high volumes. Its good for the casual better, but they will often only accept high dollar bets from known gamblers. The atmosphere is okay, but not great.

Eldorado Reno Sportsbook (C-)

The small sportsbook on the main casino floor at the Eldorado is run by the Cal Neva. There’s only a handful of TVs and a small number of seats. Its a fine place to get a Cal Neva line, but there are better places to sit and watch games.

Siena Reno Sportsbook (C-)

There is a small Cal Neva run sportsbook at the Siena. Because the book is run by the Cal Neva, it is still operating while the tables and slots at the Siena are closed.

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