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Reno’s Peppermill Sportsbook Draws Massive Crowds With Curved LED Digital Signage

Peppermill has three longtime owners, who place a premium on experiences — from the hotel rooms and public areas to the extraordinary number of digital displays used around the properties. There are dozens of large-format LED displays located around Peppermill properties, some of them as wide as 40 feet. Screen content is focused more on customer experience than marketing, with no pure advertising and limited casino promotion material on screens.

Peppermill has instead invested some $35 million in time, technology and travel, doing original location shoots of high-definition landscapes, wildlife and fashion scenes for a guest amenity called Windows of the World. Shot by Peppermill’s internal Entertainment, Electronics and Media (EEM) department, the footage is displayed on almost 4,200 screens throughout the property — from large LED video walls and LCDs, to the TVs in each guest room.

In early 2018, the owners group decided Peppermill’s popular sportsbook room was due for an upgrade — its last technology upgrade dating back more than a decade. The existing system was a kaleidoscope of screens of varying sizes set along feature walls, showing live pro games and horse racing from around the country.

Looking for inspiration and guidance, a company team visited casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, walking through some of that city’s most prominent and celebrated sportsbook facilities.

“We wanted it to be as nice or nicer than anything like it in the world, including Las Vegas,” says Joe Ness, Peppermill’s executive director of Entertainment, Electronics and Media. Somewhat unique in his field, Ness has built and runs a seasoned in-house pro AV integration team that does everything from drawings to installations — work normally outsourced to third parties.

The ownership group also wanted to keep the sportsbook operating throughout the renovation, and complete the screen addition in a matter of days, rather than the several weeks more typical for large-scale AV upgrades.

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